My Job is to Learn How to Code

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That’s me, Customer Success Engineer Chad!

My name is Chad and I’m an IT Infrastructure Manager — make that — used to be one. Until just eight weeks ago, I spent most of my time managing a fleet of 120+ servers and network devices, hundreds of laptops and desktops, across six locations around the US, and a team of six others to help shoulder the load.

Being a Unix nerd that likes to talk to people, I had fun at my job, and I was pretty good at it. However I’m also a tinkerer that doesn’t like to have a knowledge vacuum in any one particular area of interest for long.

My team and I started using iDoneThis to replace status reports and extra meetings. I was hooked. I used a really neat plugin for the popular OS X app launcher Alfred to post all my dones.

When Alfred released it’s major 2.0 update my precious workflow had broken. When the author was no where to be found, I thought, “How hard could this be?” I ended up somehow building a working Alfred 2.0 workflow for iDoneThis and even a mini Python powered API, to act as a mail proxy (hosted at DigitalOcean). Sharing this with the Alfred + iDoneThis community (I didn’t know anyone would use it) got me noticed by Walter and Rodrigo (the co-founders of iDoneThis) plus a Skype call offering their personal thanks for my work.

iDoneThis + Alfred

Todd Clarke liked the workflow so much he made this!

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