• katie moffat

    Interesting, I’m curious, beyond the hundreds of thousands of views, likes etc, did it result in lots more traffic to idonethis, and signups?

    • Walter Chen

      yes, absolutely. we had the most signups in a single day, ever.

  • http://about.me/trapolino Christina Trapolino

    What a smart way to encourage experimentation and stick-to-it-iveness. I always advise my clients to stay positive when their articles seem to flop. Virality, whether it’s on LinkedIn or YouTube, is generally something that happens to you, not something you cause. If you can keep on truckin’ without resorting to pure clickbait, your success will add tremendous value to your brand.

    • Walter Chen

      absolutely, christina!

  • Accede-IT

    A great way to show the psychology of how something can become a hit or failure. It show how everyone wishes to be assured they are interesting to some people, but the more the better as we all love the feeling of success